01. 3/2.5/2 Layers
02. Dissolvable polyester
stretch with multi finsh
03. Luminous print
04. Reflective Printing / Yarn Dye
05. Innovative printing tech such as graphene/coffee charcoal
06. Thermal, quick dry, anti-UV, anti-bacteria chemical applied
07. Reflect UV Ray; Antibacterial filament; Heat Shield PET; Volcanic ash charcoal thermal; Xylitol coolness yarn
08. Sculpture print, Flocking





Dissolvable Yarn

Dissolvable Polyester
by Modifying Polymer
Yarn dissolved Easily
by Alkali (NaOH)
Yarn Dissolved
During Dyeing




Ventilation   Cool   Knitting -like



3M Reflective Print

3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material is recognized as the leading high performance retroreflective material for enhancing worker visibility. 



The Scotchlite reflective material brand provides increased peace-of-mind to people who wear safety garments. They know that their garment contains material that will enhance their visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions. And they value that their reflective material comes from 3M, a trusted name known for quality and innovation.



Luminous Yarn

Product Features

The light from the LUMI LONG® luminous textile can stable emit 6 hours by absorbing surrounding light for 10 minutes without any extra electricity and the heat. The poisonous and radiation are also not detected. This novel glow in the dark cloth can eternal washable and provide energy saving in the night.


 luminous01  luminous02  luminous03  luminous04

absorbing surrounding
light for 10 minutes

can stable emit
6 hours

not detected

energy saving


The washing characteristic for LUMI LONG® fiber is according to the standard method of AATCC135-2010 option 1 (2) Ш A(i) 4ld. The fiber luminous intensity is detected after 50 washing cycles and exposed for 10 min under D65 standard lamp. After 2 min emitting for LUMI LONG® fiber, the luminous intensity for green light fiber can achieve for 55 mcd/g-m2 and blue light for 30 mcd/g-m2  washable01
For the novel LUMI LONG® fiber, there is no any chemical substance and particle detected and smooth fiber surface is observed
 washable02  washable03
Day Night